Hi. I go by Nox aurea, which has been my 'gamer' name for a while. I've grown so used to it that I decided to incorporate it into a pseudoname that I will be publishing books under, N. A. Terry. But please, call me Nox.

I'm a college student studying Mathematics and Computer Science. When I'm not doing homework, I'm either writing or improving my art skills.

I'm married to the man I met while livestreaming a game called Old School RuneScape. I no longer stream consistently, although I'd like to start up again sometime.

My husband is Finnish, so I travel back and forth between the USA and Finland.

I foster cats in the USA. This means that I am the interim home that cats live with before they are adopted out. This ensures the safety and livelihood of these furry creatures.

Games that I've played before include RuneScape and MapleStory. I've played Xenoblade Chronicles 1/2, which ignited my interest for story-based games, particularly JRPGs. If I were to stream again, this is the type of content you could expect. Streams would be conducted on Twitch.

Feel free to follow my Twitter as well, noted in the side bar. On Twitter, I'll be posting... well, anything on my mind.

I also have a Discord.

You can contact me by messaging me on Twitter or Discord. You can also e-mail me, too:

Hope you have fun on my website, made by my lovely hubby. :D