Comic I: Excerpt From TG Ch 2 (1)

Nox |

A slight variation of a scene in chapter 2 of Tempo Gears, when Tessa is at the dinner in Brinefell, Sunhold and she meets Kane for the first time. 

I started reading some web comics online and got really inspired to make a sketch of one of the scenes from Tempo Gears. I didn't realize just how much went into making comic panels! It's a completely foreign beast to me!

The sketch is really rough. I hope the idea is coming across, though. I implemented perspective quite loosely, relying more on intuition rather than 100% accurate scaling. 

Here's a quick ortho view of the place I was trying to draw. It has some color coding just to help me out. The green and blue dots are flowers, the blue stuff is supposed to be water, for a waterfall. The K is the kitchen of the dining area.

I'd love to make illustrations like this for the final copy of the novel that take up about a page. I wanted to do something different in my day to day drawings, so I did this. I'm currently doing iterations of body proportions. My drawing studies are still scattered and unfocused. I don't want to make promises that I'll have a concrete schedule within the immediate future (like, I'm probably not going to have a schedule for the next few days at least). There's so much that I want to accomplish, that it's hard to narrow the scope!

In other news, I have finished chapter 18 of Tempo Gears. The second act is soon coming to a close, and the plot is going to come crashing down in a tidal wave. I am super excited to finish. I have a list of TODO points that I'll be having in mind as I go through the first editing phase.