Comic II: Excerpt From TG Ch 2 (2)

Nox |

Continuation of the previous panel, done in a different inking style and now with some added text! This is a scene from Chapter 2 of Tempo Gears. (One thing I forgot in the comic is Kane's Trident... which is an important detail.)

I took a different approach from the first comic strip. The first time, I pre-visualized the panels without thumbnailing and I drew them out with the airbrush tool in Procreate. 

This current image had a different approach, and it took me longer to complete than I had anticipated (for reasons I will discuss below). For this panel, I thumbnailed the compositions, and then I blew them up, rearranged them into panels, and sketched over them with more definitive forms. Then, I tried inking it, mindful of my line weight to the best of my current ability and knowledge. But it didn't look quite right. And this bothered me, for reasons that were not immediate with my untrained critical eye.

I was able to notice certain anatomical errors while sketching, so I fixed them in the best way that I could, but that took a while. I then realized one very important thing I was missing: reference. I looked around for reference images, resketched certain parts with those references in mind, and it looked... more understandable. Then, I started inking again. I know some of the theories behind line weight, but I'm not familiar with applying them - I've barely inked anything before. So this was great practice! I inked the sketches, oh, I don't know, maybe 3 or 4 times, testing different brushes, different line weights... and so on.

The text bubbles were added in Krita. That is another discipline I am unfamiliar with. I had certain ideas in mind, but was not sure how to add them. For instance, in the thought square with the text "Get up!", I would've preferred to use a different style around the text. A lot of these are stylistic choices that, while they are important, I am more concerned with building the foundation first. That is, the composition of the panels, the way the text bubbles are placed...

I'm proud of myself for making something like this. Overall, I think it is passable anatomically. There are things I'd like to fix, but I'm not sure quite how to do that yet, and dwelling on this single piece would be inefficient to my learning. So instead, I will note down what I would like to learn, and use these bullet points to guide my studies.

Some things I'd like to improve on are:

  • Adding backgrounds to the foregrounds (an example would be where Tessa is curtsying - it looks like she is floating)
  • Greater understanding of anatomy, how people look in perspective
  • Greater understanding of clothing - how it folds, how it sits on the anatomical forms
  • Utilizing different camera angles and focal lengths

I can go on and on, but this is enough to chew on.

Thanks for reading! You can let me know what you think via E-mail, Twitter, or Discord.