Doodle: Thumbnail of a TG Scene

Nox |

Here's a thumbnail image of a current scene I'm writing for my wip novel, Tempo Gears. The crew is fighting Hydrus on a ship.

This was something fun to do; I was doing studies for a chunk of the day, and wanted to continue drawing and try something fun. I was wondering how to preserve the perspective scaling into the bordering of the composition, so I used a grid to help me rough it out.

I created the above picture to help me understand the positioning of the camera angle and the picture plane a bit more. That's one thing I had struggled to figure out how to do, because it involves a tilt in the perspective grid, which introduces three point perspective. 

The images were made digitally on Procreate -- Procreate has a feature that allows me to place in perspective guidelines, which helped me understand the scaling and camera rotations a bit better.

On a more personal note, I'm going to try to do studies in a sketch book rather than on my iPad to switch it up. It's a more satisfying feeling to hold a physical form of my art and progress rather than scroll through it digitally. Digital and traditional art both have their perks and I am happy to learn them both.