Sketchbook II

Nox |

Sketchbook stuff for this month. I normally draw on loose paper because I don't want to 'ruin' my sketchbook, but towards the end of the month I said, "eh, this is what a sketchbook is for anyway!"
This month, I (think) I did Gumroad anatomy tutorials. I don't remember how long the tutorials have taken me. But I finished them! I am also working through this PDF to learn about clothing folds. I keep a sketchbook with exclusively notes, and essentially master studies.
My plans for the coming month? Umm... Well, I'm not sure. I want to get better at drawing backgrounds, improve my figure drawings, and actually ADD CLOTHES to my figures. I might add in some lessons on gesture... My studying as of late has been quite chaotic. There is so much to learn...
My goal is to make comics. Make stories, make comics, make my imagination come to life. I tend to get caught up in camera angles and perspective and stuff... Maintaining the same background with characters moving about -- so essentially panning the camera around. This is a skill that I am very unsure of how to practice, but... I'll see what I can do.