Speculatory comic characters

Nox |

Here are a couple of concepts I worked on for two characters from the comic I'm writing.

Flat Color:

Comic style:

Wow. Seeing them together is kinda cool. I've been writing about these characters, but I've never seen them side by side.

Taking a look at this also made me realize how weird they look together without knowing the story. It's not really a secret I want to keep! I don't feel comfortable sharing anything else regarding my work mainly because I don't want to make any false promises... For now, I guess I can tell you that Adelina is a college student who wants to save her church from getting closed down, so she decided to get a job at a cat cafe. And Cavalier Guy... Well, he's... he's a mysterious guy, but is also a regular customer at this cat cafe...

(btw I forgot to add Cavalier Guy's hat until last minute, so I had to draw it really quick lol, so the hat looks kinda weird. I left it out so I can see what his hairstyle would be... despite his name... xD)

Remarks: This is the level of sketching and inking that I'm at. My characters have definitely gotten better within the passed year, namely due to practice with gestures. There's a lot more practice to be done. (as always.) I've learned quite a bit of theory, and now I think the rest will come with dedicated practice. I've begun seeing things not only as forms, but shapes (plus I've been trying my hand at painting and, wow, knowing what I know now, I have a heck of a lot more appreciation for painters and master artists).

Alas, comics are calling my name. I've got stories to tell and comics seem like a great way to tell them.