Study: Gazebo I

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Studies of gazebos over a couple of days. They are numbered based on what order I drew them in.


Monday Dec 7 2020 

This was my first attempt. I have a couple more attempts for each iteration, but I selected these. I tried to break down the insertion points of the roof holder in #2 because I didn't quite understand how they worked. I also am unsure of how to create an illusion of width when the width is quite small in comparison to the rest of the object. For instance, I struggled with incorporating the railings into the perspective on the side of #3 because they're so thin - I suppose this is acceptable. Another instance is in #1 and #2 where the rooftop meets the posts.

Tuesday Dec 8 2020

I think these turned out better than the first day, which is understandable because I had some experience under my belt constructing this object. I used a very loose perspective grid for #1 and #3.  #2 is an attempt of line work that I made over #1. Each of these took about 35-45 minutes to complete.

There are issues with some of the details, particularly in #3 on the far side's hand railing. The perspective lines are more noticeably off. Also, maybe the number of railings could be increased? I'm not too sure, but there is something that is not quite right and I'm not sure how to identify it.

I made these in attempt to expand my visual library of gazebos, since they are something that I wrote about in Tempo Gears. Plus, they are simple enough to dip my feet into understanding architecture and how objects connect to each other.

Reference photos:

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Source for 1

Source for 2 and 3