Update I

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Working with a mentor

During June/July, I took on a mentorship with a painter. The experience was rather eye opening and it was totally out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot.

I learned about abstraction, composition, value, color, and material. These are all fundamentals that I never touched because I was so insistent on learning perspective (which really is the most valuable tool when it comes to creating depth in a piece). But the reason why anything I made fell flat was because of these very fundamentals that I was lacking any experience in. I found angles in poses, in faces, in environments of all things, in colors, in plants, literally everything.

Talking to another person who has a lot more experience than I do is so very nice. Everything we discussed was catered to my specific questions - and I had a lot of them. I study on my own with textbooks and online resources, but sometimes I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to pick up from the text until it clicks, like, eons later. Working with someone who has a different tool set and way of communicating is great.

I'm not interested in creating a painting the moment; I'd like to create comics. Unfortunately, I can't find any comic mentors anywhere. I think people tend to learn these skills on the job, and I don't think I have the skill yet to apply for any such work. But I am still on the lookout for someone to help me, ideally someone who enjoys the anime/manga style because it's just so cute and expressive.

Current work

Right now, I'm working on the outline and eventual script for a comic I'd like to create. The idea goes something like this...

A new church struggles to gather the community due to its 'bad location.' Adelina, a second year college student, wishes to help financially by applying to the mysteriously magical cat cafe - and by finding out the real reason why the area is so uninviting.

Originally, the story was going to have thought-heavy philosophical themes, but that was way too complicated for me to write with my current knowledge and skill level. So instead, I opted to write about something more fun, more silly, and something that I think would be fun to read as a comic. I'm guessing that the age rating would be T, so something like young teenagers. There's violence and some blood, it'll be a bit suggestive too, but nothing explicit obviously. Gross and unnecessary. No thanks. Ah, the demographic is also for women. 

It has taken me a few weeks to be halfway done with the outline. Technically, it could've been finished by the end of this week, but I had a good idea... and that good idea meant moving a lot of stuff around and breaking the logical flow between events.... which meant I had to reorganize everything. The premise remained the same, and I knew how I wanted the story to end, so that's good. Knowing the ending is so helpful because it provides clear direction.

The first half of the outline is solid, so I could theoretically start writing now, but I would rather have everything set first. The outline divides into 6 volumes each with 5-6 chapters... that's a lot for one person without an editor. (oh yes maybe, just maybe, I could pitch this into some publisher and get paired with an editor or find an editor online, there are some resources I have in mind but I don't know it's not polishedddd T_T )

I may post character sheets or some sort of promotional art... once I push myself to make a real piece of art instead of just analyzing pieces of art.

I have no idea if this is going to ever be a finished. I'd like to finish it, at least start the first chapter or so... but if I do finish it, it'll take... a loooooooong time. I don't really know if I'm shooting myself in the foot by making this so long... maybe I am. But I won't really know until I try :P If I don't finish it, well, it was a good experience and it'll certainly propel me forward.

Going forward

I do have another mentorship lined up for August and September which focuses on concept art. Still not comic work... But something that I've been interested in.

Actually, concept art is what inspired me to want to do art and writing in the first place.

Closing thoughts

It feels like I'm doing a career switch when I've never even had a career or want a 'career' in the modern sense. I'm practically going back to school and crafting the curriculum, if you will. I'll probably continue my search for mentors, ideally someone doing things I like and want to do myself.

I'm real lucky to have the people that I do in my life. I am pretty confident that the artsy creative field is what I should pursue. I want to cultivate it as a skill.

You can email me at if you have comments or suggestions or you can message me on Twitter or Discord. (email preferred for this moment!)